SBA-8A-Certification-Logo-jpg.Federal law allows Agencies to award sole source contracts to the SBA on behalf of an eligible 8(a) participant of their choice. Contracts can be awarded up to $6.5 million for manufacturing and $4 million for goods and services.

8(a) firms area also able to for joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts. This enhances the ability of 8(a) firms to perform larger prime contracts and overcome the effects of contract bundling.

8(a) Benefits and Advantage

Benefits of this program include:

  • We have exclusive access to sole source/non-competitive and competitive set-aside federal contracts.  Sole source/non-competitive contracts are available to Terra Firma Solutions, Inc. for federal contracts with a total value up to $4 million for services and up to $6.5 million for manufacturing.

  • Limiting potential competition. The big guys (e.g. Lockheed Martin, Turner Construction, etc.) do not have access to these federal contracts. In addition, there are less than 10,000 certified 8a business concerns currently participating in the 8a Program in the entire U.S. – Terra Firma Solutions, Inc. included!

  • We are attractive to a larger federal government prime contractor. Since a business concern that is not considered small by SBA does not have access set-aside 8a contracts, we are more attractive for teaming, joint ventures or mentor/protégé relationships.

  • We make it easier for Federal clients to purchase your products or services. 8a set-aside contracts require much less paperwork, time and bureaucracy. 8a contracts cannot be protested, only the size of the 8a participant can be questioned.

  • We get you the contract/work faster. 8a contracts take much less time to be awarded than most other procurement methods.